Back to the 5am club!

Agustin Tormun
2 min readFeb 14, 2022
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I love waking up early, a few months ago that wasn’t a problem for me but since last christmas I haven’t been able to wake up before 8am. I decided to change that and get back to my older routine. How will I manage that?

Planning my morning

At some point in my life I woke up at 5am and then what? What did I say yesterday I will do? Should I read or exercise? The key for me will be to set habits, plan my morning, set alarms to start doing the things I planned the night before. The more exact I am with the schedules, the easier it will be.

Enjoying the sun rise

I love waking up when the sky is still dark, I feel productive, I feel that I accomplish something. When the sun starts rising and I have already done a lot of things, that’s the feeling that will keep me moving toward my goal.

Taking advantage of the silence to concentrate

When I wake up at 5 am the street is quiet, the birds have not sung already. That’s the perfect setting for focusing, listening to my thoughts and getting things done.

By waking up early my intention is to get better at my writing, be more consistent and take advantage of being alive!

Thanks for reading! 👽

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