Be Very Careful With Self-Improvement Content

Agustin Tormun
4 min readAug 10, 2022
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Im addicted to self-improvement content and not ashamed to admit it. I’ve been consuming it since the beginning of the pandemic. It all started because I wanted to be more disciplined and not go crazy during the lockdown. Little by little, I was looking for new goals, how to find my purpose, know what motivates me, and even find happiness in my life.

I have consumed countless books, videos, podcasts, and courses, but I still don’t know what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. I feel like life is slipping through my fingers. I am no happier than I used to be, quite the opposite.

So, what happened?

The internet can be your ally or your worst enemy.

Nowadays, we can get everything through the internet. We can create businesses, communicate with our family members, or learn new skills. Awesome right? Well, yes and no. We all have to use the internet consciously. Know what content and how much to consume.

It is simple to fall into an overload of information that, instead of helping, will only saturate us. We have the opportunity to see how other people’s lives are perfect, while ours is full of flaws and possible improvements.

Please be very careful who you compare yourself to, take the best from everyone, but remember that you are different, have unique abilities, and have your timing.

That said, I began consuming content about what I was interested in learning and achieving. Eventually, I ended up comparing myself to those who had already achieved it. This practice did nothing more than discourage me and throw me into a dark hole from which it is complicated to get out.

Curious, you have to apply what you consume.

I have consumed a lot of self-help videos and books. After finishing each of them, my immediate thought was: “Excellent, I already have the knowledge to improve my life. It will get better now”. The truth is, it doesn’t work that way is not that easy. Yes, it is good to find guidance in books but be aware it won’t do any good just knowing how it works or what to do about it. You have to work to achieve it. It is challenging and often uncomfortable, but to grow…

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