Here’s To My Fellow Writers Who Abandoned Ship

A sincere appreciation

Agustin Tormun


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Just the other day I was navigating through Reddit, going down through the rabbit hole about why my writing career hasn’t been successful yet. I see many people on Twitter talking about how they went from 0 to thousands of dollars in just 6 months, the same with followers. I’m not saying this isn’t true or this isn’t possible, congratulations to them who achieved that!

I’m not sure how many people who have tried, have succeeded just like these writing gurus. That’s when I saw this post from a fellow writer who was speaking to all of us, telling us he was going to quit writing. Sure, he had some wins, and he earned some money but not enough to cover living expenses.

Did I feel identified, maybe It’s time for packing my luggage and quitting this writing dream too. I don’t want to but my leverage won’t last forever and money will run out eventually. My goal is to earn $1000 monthly. That would give me air to live while still writing and looking for more income.

I’ve been digging into copywriting, technical writing, content writing, SEO, social media writing, fiction, and every form of writing you can imagine.

Until now I have earned just about 12 bucks on Medium. Hey, at least 12 bucks earned writing, thanks to all the people who like reading my stories

I’ve been posting on Fiverr and Upwork, but those platforms are more saturated than a convenience store on Sundays (at least in my country they are blowing out on Sundays haha)

I know it takes time

I know earning money won’t be immediately and I’m not expecting that but to be honest it makes me nervous watching my account balance going down and still doesn’t know where to go from here.

Lack of direction discourages

I think I reached burnout. I’ve been consuming so many materials about so many topics. How to write, storytelling, how to grow an audience, where to post my writings, people earning 3000 y five months, how to persuade with writing, how to position, write for google or people and so many more.



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