How the quarantine managed to get past me

Agustin Tormun
3 min readJun 7, 2020
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It has been 84 days since the quarantine began for me…

I will not deny that at first, despite all that it meant and the care that had to be taken, it was an idea that excited me. I have always been a home person and the fact of working from home sounded wonderful to me, both for the cut in expenses such as transportation, gasoline and parking, as well as for the comfort of being in my space, not making that long commute to the office and eat in my kitchen by heating food on the stove.


The first few weeks, everything went as expected. I planned strategies to not go crazy, I followed a routine, I tried to exercise even though it is something I do not like, but the peace of mind that this entails seemed appropriate to the situation. I kept my schedules in order, mainly eating, sleeping and always waking up at the same time (as if nothing unusual was happening) Taking daily baths, I even established the rule of not entering my “office” in pajamas.

Everything was going well, everything was going great, I tried not to listen to or read the news, why worry about what is not in my control? Better deal with what if it is.

The fall

Everything began to fall apart entering the ninth week (quite advanced I would say) when I entered my office and the first thing I noticed was: was the space in this room reduced? This was physically impossible, my mind was playing with me. I gave it little importance and continued with my daily routine. By the time to grab some food my appetite was not as usual and I was lazy to go down to cook.

Come on, cook, distract yourself from work and come back to close the day with enthusiasm

was what I thought and so I did.

The next day the room was even smaller, my appetite was more reluctant, the work meetings seemed more boring to me (that’s right, more boring than usual) I didn’t feel like exercising, I just wanted to go to bed and turn on the TV to listen noise because I didn't even want to watch it.

Today I feel that the chair where I work is too small for me, at times I feel intense heat inside the room, even with the window open, I have given myself completely to processed sugar and my diet has been the less healthier that you can ever imagine, I have spent so much money buying all kinds of take outs, I wake up watching movies and wake up right on time for my daily morning meeting.

I still have at least a whole month to go back to “normal” if it ever happens and I have no idea how I can regain my sanity and find the spirit I had so much when it all started.

If somehow someone feels identified or someone has any advice or comment to help me cope with this, you can find me on my twitter @ c3ppeu or leave me a comment. I would love to hear about your feelings right now.

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