I Have Been Able To Be More Creative By Following These 3 Tips

Agustin Tormun
3 min readJul 20, 2022
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We hear the term creative person a lot and we immediately think of a painter, an illustrator or a writer. If you want to start dabbling in the creative world, but you have never done anything related to that field or you simply consider yourself a zero creative person, don’t worry! Creativity is a skill that develops.

What is creativity?

According to the dictionary, creativity is the ability or facility to create something. That definition doesn’t tell us much, I like to think that creativity is that spark that lives inside all of us and is waiting to be heard. Did you come up with a funny message to send to your friends? Are you late for work and make up a great story to justify the delay? Don’t want to go to the party because you are too tired and magically come up with a plan that you can’t miss? Well, all of the above examples are examples of creativity.

If it lives inside me, why can’t I be a great painter?

Just because we all have the ability to be creative doesn’t mean that we will magically become creative. Creativity is a skill that has to be developed and practiced constantly. Here are a few tips to develop your creativity, it is important to generate a habit and work to make your skills better each time.

Write daily

But what about? Nothing in particular, dedicate 20 minutes a day and write everything that comes to your mind. This will help your ideas flow and with time, it will be easier for you to interpret them.

Get away from the cell phone

The first chance we get, we go straight to our cell phone. The next time you are at the bank waiting for your turn, in city traffic, come on, even in the bathroom, take the time to observe and stay with your thoughts, pay attention to them and see what they are telling you.

Give yourself a chance to be bored

I used to have a teacher who said that leisure is the father of all great ideas. You don’t always have to be doing something productive (or not so productive). Sometimes it’s good to turn off the external noise and just be, think.

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