Organize Your Thoughts Better With Napkin

This note-taking app is the new kid on the block

Agustin Tormun
4 min readAug 29, 2022
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Estimation says that we have 60,000 thoughts a day. Can we control them? Maybe not. How many of these are good ideas or bad ideas? We don’t know. The good thing is that we don’t need to find out instantly.

That said, I’m doing this exercise of writing down all the ideas that come to mind. Thoughts are fleeting, appear unannounced, and can disappear in seconds. That’s why I’m developing a good habit of jotting down, reviewing, and filtering them.

Here is where Napkin comes into play. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to try out this new app. I’ve come across some pretty engaging things.

Simple and minimalistic interface

After the first login, you’ll be met with a blank screen, a clean canvas ready for you to start writing all those ideas running through your mind.

Clicking the “new note” button will prompt a simple and to-the-point format. Plain text, focused on atomic notes, with the possibility of adding the URLs of your sources. Notes will be linked to each other through tags.



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