What To Write When You Have Nothing To Write?

Agustin Tormun
2 min readMar 7, 2022
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I think that argument is false. I’m a true believer that there is always something to write, but it is also true not always the piece you wrote is publishable –or is it?

Well, today I feel like I have nothing to write, nothing to teach or even nothing to say but I will still show up, just to tell you, yes, you my fellow writer that IT IS OK.

We humans are like an emotional rollercoaster, we can’t always be on top, some days you will feel the need to be useless, so take some time, rest, sleep, shout, cry, eat, whatever you need to do and be sure that this will pass and maybe tomorrow or the day after you will be inspired and motivated once again, IT IS OK.

If you feel fine, you are in front of the computer but don’t know what to write, look through your notes, your last viewed videos, how you decide what you are wearing, what does it look like through your window, what would you like to have for dinner and why? Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, it can be found where you least expect it, just give it a try, IT IS OK

But why should I write if no one will read me? Well, you don’t know that, and if you do, perhaps today no one will read, maybe tomorrow someone will, or the day after, or after or after –and so on– The important thing is to be consistent, in the end, if you are writing I assume is because you like it so enjoy the process, the result will arrive sooner or later. Be patient, IT IS OK.

You see what I did here? At first I had nothing to say but I wrote a full piece of it. Sure, maybe it doesn’t have these fancy sub headers, maybe I will teach you nothing today, but I ended up writing something, and publishing it and that’s the beauty of writing! It can be done about anything. Just start typing and magic will arrive!

Thanks for reading! 👽

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