Why you should learn to play chess

Agustin Tormun
3 min readJun 10, 2020
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Days keep passing by and back to normality doesn't seem to happen soon…

We have to keep looking for motivation to continue day by day. Recently in one of my tireless searches for distractions and ways to keep my mind occupied (remember that leisure is dangerous, it does no one any good) I had an approach with chess.

I must admit that one of my biggest vices is YouTube, I spend so much time of my day looking at videos I don’t even want to watch. Without explanation, YouTube began suggesting me videos of the famous chess player Magnus Carlsen, one of the best players today, and without realizing it, I was really enjoying this content. It was when I got the idea, why not? Immediately I started looking for tutorials on how to play chess or “Chess for newbies”. Have a look at this five conclusions of why you should, if not being a master of chess, at least know the basics of how to play.

It keeps your mind busy

With the free time we have with this new lifestyle, rest and distractions are a must, because it is very easy to fall into what I like to call “The deep emptiness” which means to give yourself completely to leisure. You end up eating excessively, spending money on things you don’t even need, you get to feel lost and without cause, but above all, it affects your health. That is why keeping your mind busy with productive and healthy habits is essential. Learning chess is a great help to this end. If you already know how to play, spend a couple of hours a day and you will see how time goes by faster.

Create a community and socialize with other people

Human beings by nature are sociable, regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, we all want to belong somewhere, we all want to have a group of friends or acquaintances with whom we can share tastes and exchange ideas. When you get tired of playing against the computer and are ready to take the big leap, look for chess groups, play with more people, meet people (even if it’s through a screen).

Mental gymnastics

It is well known that an organ that is not used atrophies, although the brain is one of the muscle that we use…

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