Will Flash (Hero) Be Able To Serve A Hot Meal?

Analyzing Flash’s serving skills

Agustin Tormun
3 min readMar 16, 2022


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Flash is the real definition of speed, according to the internet he can run 1.438371405 x 10²² km/h that’s freakin’ fast! I don’t even understand that number. Now, imagine he’s your friend…come on, bear with me, let’s have some imagination. Flash is your friend and you invite him to a barbecue.

One question would be, will he attend custom on or custom off? I’ll leave it to you, the point here is if he will deliver a hot meal or it will be cold by the time is served.

The panorama

You are having fun at the barbecue, you are in a huge yard, lots of your friends are there. You can see kids playing hide and seek, you can hear people laughing, the smell of the carbon burning mixed with the meat getting cooked –Do you prefer burgers? It can be burgers– suddenly, the cook said “It’s ready! who wants some?” by that time you are quite far from the root of the food, people start approaching, the waiting line is quickly filling up. Conveniently you are talking with your friend, Flash –or is it The Flash? — and came with this great idea

– Flash, you can run fast right?

– Hell I can, no one is faster than me!

– Would you mind bringing me a burger? See, the waiting line is filling and by the time I get there…would you do me this favor, please?

–I know, I know, I may sound a horrible person, but stay with me– Flash happily agrees and in a matter of seconds, you have your burger right in front of you. Bon Appetit –enjoy your meal in italian–

The analysis

At first, I thought that the burger will arrive hot, which at first seemed logical. Since it left the fire until it gets to you it only passed a few seconds –We already saw Flash is darn fast– but the more I think, the less it makes sense. The food is moving at the same speed as the host right? So the food will be moving as fast as Flash…maybe that’s fast enough to get cold?

I am not a physicist or a mathematician nor an expert in any way. Im just curious and that analysis made sense to me.

My verdict

The food will arrive cold, I’m sorry, thats what I think! It will be as cold as ice, just not frozen.

I would love to read your opinions and if you like this analysis!

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